SC006 – Ice Tray With Drain

Our newest ice chest design with dichroic glass edges and our uniquely flared waterfall designed sheet glass.

2 sizes available

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2 Sizes Available For SC006 Ice Tray:

30 x 18 x 12″H
42 x 18 x 12″H

  • Has Removable Ice Support Tray
  • Has Drain Tap Underneath
  • Edges are Dichroic Glass
  • Unique Flared Design

A Truly Unique and Exciting Design  – Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before !

The edges of our new ice chest design are dichroic glass – micro layers of metals fused during the kilning process to create a crystalline structure on the glass edges that reflect light of one color and transmit light of other colors.

The colors and reflections shift as they catch the light from different angles adding depth and dimension to your display.  A stainless steel frame with our new waterfall designed sheet glass makes a truly stunning and unique presentation!