Boost Your Competitive Edge With A Virtual Tour

This day in age, technology strongly impacts just about everything that members of society do on a daily basis. Whether it’s scrolling through social media websites, keeping up with the news or booking a hotel, it is said that people use technology 7-9 hours every single day.

As a hotelier, you should be using technology to your advantage in any way that you can! One way to do so is by creating a virtual tour of your property and available rooms. Providing potential patrons with a 3D virtual view of what your hotel has to offer will be incredibly beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Virtual tours build trust. Giving people a chance to connect with your brand in numerous different ways will make your brand more trustworthy. Providing a virtual tour of your hotel is a surefire way to intrigue someone even more. It shows how proud you, the hotelier, are about what your brand and hotel has to offer. People trust someone who is confident in what they do.

Virtual tours allow you to showcase your property in a unique way. Who wouldn’t love getting to see a sneak peek of their hotel room before they book it? Not only does a virtual tour provide the patron with an accurate 3D view of the hotel rooms, lobby, ground, etc.; but it allows you to showcase some of your hotel’s special amenities as well. Don’t forget to show the stocked mini-bar, pool, work out room in your tour as well!! Be sure to include everything that your hotel has to offer its patrons.

Virtual tours allow for instant gratification. We have certainly become a “we want it, and we want it now” type of society. Virtual tours provide someone with that specific gratification. It’s such an easy way for a potential patron to view your hotel and its amenities, and decide whether or not they want to book a room. Virtual tours save people time; they can immediately find out what your hotel is like, rather than waiting until they get there.

As your hotel continues to grow, consider including a virtual hotel tour on your website! A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a 3D video is worth way more than that…it’s worth more interested patrons and room bookings!